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The2econdFloor is a creative agency specializing in the planning, development, and implementation of concepts and events fusing fashion, music, photography, and other forms of creativity. With a focus of changing current social landscapes, we aim to create and heighten our clients’ brands and brand experiences.

Creative Consulting

We develop and implement plans that will translate and reveal your optimum brand.

Event Planning

We fuse together all elements of an event (budget, aesthetic, procuring talent) and create unique and unforgettable experiences for each occasion.


When the ‘cool’ kids won’t let you play with them… Build your own playground!

Corey Bertrand


Whether designing your event or sharing innovative ideas, The2econdFloor’s goal is to always create something original & unforgettable.



From conception, to planning and development, to actual implementation, we handle all aspects with a detail oriented style and creativity edge.


We identify the core of your brand and enhance the best, most personal aspects of it by creating concepts to expose & educate the consumer of your products and/or services.

Creative Direction

We fuse together the best of pop culture, fashion, music, art and all other crucial creative elements to provide one of a kind ideas to maximize your appeal.


Depending on the project, we are able to produce original imagery for promotional materials & events.


Creativity comes in many forms. Here are a few of our specialities…

Dirty Ego – Promo Flyer

Dirty Ego – Promo Flyer

The Classics

The Classics

Dirty Ego – Mugshots

Dirty Ego – Mugshots


Corey Bertrand

Corey Bertrand

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Corey Bertrand

Corey Bertrand


The2econdFloor was created by Corey Bertrand in 2010 as a fashion blog that discussed pop culture and global style while also spotlighting local talent in fashion design, music and art.

These elements were fused together to create several dynamic events that gained exposure for the blog and the artists involved. This inspired, The2econdFloor to discontinue blogging and shift its focus on creating memorable concepts that transform the social landscape while enhancing a brand’s image.